PANVIMAN Spa Academy

About PANVIMAN Spa Academy

PANVIMAN Spa Academy having established its roots in health and wellness since 2008, PANVIMAN Group of Resorts is acutely aware that the long-term success of this business increasingly depends on qualified individuals who can deliver treatments with substance. The academy is therefore founded as an answer to the escalating demand to create a standard training facility dedicated to the human resource needs of this industry. Internationally accredited, its major challenge is to become a leading edge health and wellness educational institute, serving any facility and individual aspiring for outstanding training and education in this exciting and ever-growing industry.

Our list of training courses is extensive - from the tried and the true, to the rare and exclusive, therapies from the East meet the West are all included on our expansive spa menus. Staff are trained by seasoned experts, not only in technical expertise, but also with regard to the history and philosophy behind specific treatments such as LANNA Exotic MassageĀ®, hydrotherapy and Traditional Thai Massage.