Selection of Manpower

As we are profession is Spa role, we are provide seeking a good employee for your spa business

  • - Recruitment
  • - Screen and testing
  • - Send CV and analysis reports to you for second review

A position that we can support to your spa business

Management Level

  • - Spa Operation Manager
  • - Director of Spa
  • - Assistant Director of Spa
  • - Spa Manager
  • - Assistant Spa Manager

Front Line

  • - Senior Spa Receptionist
  • - Junior Spa Receptionist
  • - Spa Consultant

Back Line

  • - Spa Trainer
  • - Senior Spa Therapist
  • - Junior Therapist
  • - Spa Attendant

Trained to Provide a Legendary Xperience ®


PANVIMAN Spa Academy therapists are different from any other Spa Academy. First of all we select just ASEAN therapists. The personal vision of ASEAN therapists is more complex with regards to others: within their education and culture they are perfectly aware of their human value and they would never accept to renounce to this. PANVIMAN Spa Academy provides them a motivation in order to feel they are not simply accomplishing their duties, but the sense of their own lives. We consider each member of our staff as a unique personality able to express her/his human potential and PANVIMAN Spa Academy genuinely manifests its respect throughout a real practice of recognition of its workers rights. We truly believe that a happy staff is able to deliver a “Blissful Spa Xperience®”. This point is a crucial one since the “Sensorial Spa Xperience®” can be conveyed not merely throughout technical skill, but mostly throughout a personal positive energy, what we call at PANVIMAN Spa the “energy of goodness”. This concept is the secret of PANVIMAN Spa Academy’s “commercial success” so far.